Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tom Davis - Live Oak LC's PIO is published in local Austin, Texas news outlet

Tom Davis from Austin, Texas is our Public Information Officer for the  Live Oak Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess. Last month he published a column in the major local news outlet - Austin statesmen.com.   He is a  leader of Gaia Spirituality (www.gaia-spirituality.org), and the title of his article is Spirituality and reincarnation through Wiccan eyes:

..."All of us have the time (and the lifetimes) to understand and make up for what we've done wrong. This won't happen because some mythical devil is roasting us over an open fire as he pokes us with his pitchfork, but because we've grown and learned enough, over the course of our meta-life, to make our own decision to learn the good, and do it in love.

We are here, in this life, for two reasons: to learn and to love. We're all starting from less than perfect, and we grow — toward learning and toward loving — and are comforted by the understanding that even if we don't make it all the way in this life (and who does, really?), there are other lifetimes for us to complete the task." ...(Cont.)...