Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pagan Godspell book review - God Is Not One

Over at the Pagan Godspell blog they have a good review of the new book - God Is Not One by Stephen Prothero.  You can view this post - God Is Not One – Book Review:

"...Perennialism seems to be the interfaith buzz-baby of the century. You can barely turn around in religious studies without running up against the seemingly age-old (but not really) metaphor that “all paths lead up the same mountain.” This perspective does seem unique to religious dialogue; as Prothero cannily points out, no one argues that political ideas like libertarianism and socialism are ultimately the same at their core, but for some reason we all happily invoke the Great Mountain Metaphor when it comes to religion, which makes for fun and awkward moments when thoroughly non-monist and non-monotheist folks go to interfaith events and someone says that at the very least we “all know” that we can “agree that all Gods are One and God is Love.” See, there’s one bugaboo right there – more often than not, according to American perennialism, we all seem to be climbing an awfully monotheist and often quite Christian mountain. Hegemony, Ms. Sara? No thanks, I’ve had plenty."  ...(Cont.)...

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