Monday, April 19, 2010

What we can do to "walk our talk" - Full Circle Blog

Continuing on the Earth Day theme I bring you a list of things we can do if we want to "walk our talk" as Earth religionists.  This list is provided by the Full Circle Blog"

"So", she asked, "what does an earthwise person do, exactly, if they really want to walk their talk?" Well, as it happens, I have a list. My friends and I are engaged in a wide variety of projects and volunteer work (1) Here are some examples:

* Companion Animals: Working with, companion animal rescue groups by fostering, helping with adoptions, doing shelter work, etc.

* Wildlife Rescue & Rehab: Working with and supporting groups that do wildlife rescue, rehabilitation & release of orphaned and/or injured wildlife.

* Habitat: Serving groups work to restore habitat & supporting native plant education in our community." ...(Cont.)...