Thursday, May 6, 2010

Debby Griffen, the Witch of Simsbury Connecticut

Here is an interesting story about a legendary woman from 17th. century rural Connecticut as reported by Catherine Guarnieri of The Register Citizen.

"Back in the year 1680 or so, there lived alone on the fringe of Simsbury village a woman named Debby Griffen. She was tall, thin and had the kind of eyes that would bore right into your soul, and stuck pretty much to herself. So of course she had to be a witch!

Since it was obvious that she wanted to be left alone, and didn’t attend the local church services, a lot of rumors sprung up around the woman. And, as time went on, the tales became taller and more ludicrous.

Since she was the subject of so much speculation, the town elders always had someone watching her. After all they didn’t want grandpa turning into a toad unexpectedly. How would you explain that to grandma?

So it was learned that most of Debby Griffen’s time was spent gathering berries, nuts, mushrooms and herbs, as well as a fair bit of hunting." ... (Cont.)...