Friday, May 7, 2010

A Spiritual Response to the Gulf Oil Spill

The Huffington Post is a major on-line news outlet. Today there is an article in it by a Pagan -Wes Isley - titled A Spiritual Response to the Gulf Oil Spill

NY Times photo
Swimming through patches of oxidizing oil mingling with chemical dispersants used by BP to break up oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill, a sea turtle surfaces to feed this week in the Gulf of Mexico.

"By now we're all aware of just how disastrous the recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill is in terms of the potential environmental and economic damage. But as a person of faith who follows a nature-based spirituality, I believe crises like these affect us at the soul level as well -- but no one's talking about that. And while the spill is a tragedy we will surely talk about for years to come, I also believe it provides a pivotal opportunity for the wider Neo-Pagan spiritual community to show how our faith can help point the way to a more responsible use of Earth's resources." ...(Cont.)...

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"Here's a list of some of the groups working on the oil spill that get three- and four-star ratings from"

National Audubon Society, is working to aid birds and habitat affected by the spill.
National Wildlife Federation, is responding to the spill.
Greater New Orleans Foundation, is assisting locally.
Matter of Trust is accepting donations of hair, fur and nylons, which are used to aid in the oil response.