Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An academic & Paganism at The Wild Hunt

P. Sufenas Virius Lupus has written one of a number of guest posts at The Wild Hunt Blog while Jason is away at Pagan Spirit Gathering.  Mr Lupus is a as a professional academic and adjunct instructor who has some important ideas in his post titled - Paganism, Magic, and Witchcraft: It’s Academic

"...The academic engagement with Paganism, as well as Pagan involvement in academia, could be very useful indeed. But, until academia takes modern Pagans as subjects of useful study on a wider basis, as well as considers practicing Pagans as equally viable to study such subjects (whether modern Paganism or ancient and medieval literature, culture, history, and magic), then full religious equality within the Ivory Tower will not be a reality.

In my opinion, it is no coincidence that questions of hermeneutics are at the forefront of academic discussions of methodology in many fields; but it is the god Hermes who is at the root of the very practice of interpretive sciences, if you like, both etymologically and functionally."  ...(Cont.)...