Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Religion and Science

Krista Tippett, over at The Huffington Post, has an interesting evaluation of the interaction between science and religion in her post - Religion and Science: Finding Their Kindred Spirits

"...Einstein put it this way, helpfully: science is good at describing what is, but it does not describe what should be. That is one way to talk about the role that religious and spiritual practice, our sense of what is right and sacred, plays in human life. And for the record, I don't believe that spiritual and moral life ceases in the absence of belief in God. Einstein didn't believe in the personal God of traditional religion. But he did profess a "cosmic religious sense" driven by "inklings" and "wonderings" rather than answers and certainties. Its hallmarks were a reverence for beauty and a sense of wonder that, he acknowledged, he shared with lovers of art and religion."  ...(Cont.)...