Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Astrology and science

Over at the Magical Buffet Blog I found an interesting article on Astrology and science.

"...However, if you demand of the cosmos some form of empirical evidence of its influences, then you embark on a more rigorous and challenging road. But it’s a road already littered with the unsuccessful attempts in the search for proof. Astrology has failed almost every test of the more than 600 it has been subjected to. With one possible exception.

...The planetary types have their origins in ancient Harran, the birthplace of Gnostic Mandeanism and the mystery schools of Mithraism, but are echoed in the endocrine types of Louis Berman, which gives us one foot in ancient esotericism and the other in science. Astrology and science have never really been able to forge a successful partnership in the past: this may be astrology’s last and best chance of establishing a ‘physics’ of celestial influence."  ...(Cont.)...