Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Over at the Pantheon Portal there are a number of heart-felt and thoughtful responses to Memorial Day. Here is one from Julie Maldonado

"...Daddy died long before the legal battle over the Pentacle on military headstones ever took place. But what I learned from him what that, in combat, no one cares to whom you pray. No one cares if you say prayers in English, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, or Gaelic. No one cares what you use to symbolize your faith. It is, sadly, the one occasion in which societal lines of faith, race, gender or orientation have no bearing. You can only rely to the person next to you and be relied upon in return. There are no other criteria.

I’d like to think I try to remember those lessons, even though I pray I will never see combat. And to remember to honor those who have given their lives in service, no matter their faith, race, gender or orientation. I’d like to remember one thing, that they stood, and fell, to protect my right to stand around a cauldron and call upon the name of the Goddess." ...(Cont.)...

Here is another point of view from Galina Krasskova

"...The obligation of respect goes well beyond any ethnic, ideological, political, or social barriers. It’s not about whether one agrees with the reason for the fight. But for those willing to stand up, march off and die, a significant number of our ancestors I might add, we wouldn’t be here. We reap the benefits of those who came before us; therefore, it is right and proper that we honor them. We live in softer, not more enlightened times. We criticize their choices without any comprehension of the necessities involved."  ...(Cont.)...