Sunday, June 13, 2010

Book review - The Global Forest

Here is an interesting review of the new book - The Global Forest which appears in The New Scientist Blog:
"NO ONE could sensibly deny that trees play an important role in the environment. In The Global Forest, Diana Beresford-Kroeger takes this one step further and argues that trees are the very foundation that all life is reliant upon.

The author's veneration and awe of the natural world began when she was a child, growing up on her parents' farm in Ireland. "It is out of this child, this field with its golden furze, that this book was born."

Employing the story-telling methods of an Irish SeanchaĆ­ - "the keeper of legends and oral traditions" - the book is comprised of 40 essays, or "leaves", each of which explore a different theme. The cultural, spiritual and ecological history of trees become interlaced." ...(Cont.)...

Some photos by me from The Forest Group at flickr