Sunday, June 13, 2010

June - Pagan Values Month

In the Pagan Blogosphere the month of June has been dubbed Pagan Values Month.  The essay on this topic over at the Meadowsweet and Myrrh Blog I find interesting and compelling:

"For the second year running, June's "Pagan Values Month" has seen quite a bit of discussion... not about values per se, but about Pagan self- and community-identity. Eloquent and compelling arguments have been made by not a few of my favorite writers making the case that "Paganism" as a single religion may not exist,* and that continuing to speak and think about the so-called "Pagan community" in this way might not be helpful or conducive to... well, whatever they're hoping religious community is conducive to, I suppose. And what is that, exactly? Here is where I feel the question of "values" becomes essential, and perhaps the key to unlocking the question of self-identity and community-definition, rather than the other way around." ...(Cont.)...

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