Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Juggler Blog - Film Review - Ondine

Over at The Juggler Blog there is a nice review of a new Neil Jordan movie - Ondine:

"...This is how Jordan’s film begins as well- the fisherman (very agreeably played by Colin Farrell) is hauling in his nets- when he spies a beautiful sylph-like maiden in its midst. He quickly revives her, but she has no memory of who she is; she begs him not to let anyone else see her. Intrigued and enchanted, Farrell moves Ondine into a small cottage (that formerly belonged to his mother) and begins a fascinated romance with the lovely and strange woman whom he pulled up out of the ocean and who has such affinity for the water.

Jordan’s films are always visually ravishing and Ondine celebrates the exceptional scenery of the Irish sea-coast; it is a lyrically beautiful movie, a charming Irish fable about a water-spright and the mortal man who loves her. Farrell (who so often, as in Minority Report and Alexander,has to “hide” his Irishness) is delightfully sly and witty speaking with his native inflections; he is also a very naturalistic actor, with an admirable talent for the unaffected performance." ...(Cont.)..