Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New movie - The Pagan Queen

"Libuse, the Slavic queen of 8th century Bohemia was gifted with supernatural powers, a visionary and a seer. In a turbulent time of cultural change Libuse envisioned the modern city of Prague and ruled over her tribes with gentle wisdom during the magical times before Christianity and scripture, which are remembered in myths and legends. The film recreates the pagan culture and rituals of the dark ages in a realistic fashion and was shot on location in the Czech Republic in reconstructed Slavic settlements and ancient forests. It will be released in the US June 29 on DVD by Vanguard Cinema after its theatrical run in Europe in winter 2009/2010."

Plot Summary for The Pagan Queen
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THE PAGAN QUEEN - film trailer
THE PAGAN QUEEN (with Joy Divison) -

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