Monday, August 9, 2010

Costa Rican authorities call for regulation of Witchcraft - "Brujeria"

Here is a story about scam artists in Costa Rica from

"It is unknown exactly how many fall victim to scams and cons by "brujeria" (witchcraft) in Costa Rica, only that in San José alone at least 10 criminal complaints are filed each year....

Scanning the pages of the local newspapers in Costa Rica one can find all types of ads, from increasing sexual potency, to recovering a lost love to winning the lottery.

Costa Ricans are bombarded with these types of ads for a quick solution to their problems. And that is where many fall easy victims to scam artists.

It is not unusual for a "brujo/bruja" to ask for a picture of a loved one for, in exchange for cold hard cash, magic can bring back that lost love."  ...(Cont.)...