Friday, August 6, 2010

A Kaua‘i kumu hula dances to defend Wailua

Native Hawaiians are challenging development projects in Wailua which is  is one of the "two most important places on Kauai and one of the most sacred places in Hawaii."  Here is their story as reported by Joan Conrow of the Honolulu Weekley:
“Each of the heiau has a specific function, protocol and ceremony, and they were all strategically chosen by kuhikuhi puu one, which means one who points to the sand dunes. They were master architects who chose where sacred sites and temples are constructed, and it all has to do with alignment with the different cosmic movements in the heavens.

“Wailua is on the eastern end of an east-west corridor, directly opposite the Waimea district. Wailua is a portal. The sun, moon, stars, all rise here, and the heiau all correlated with that. This kind of understanding is global. Native peoples everywhere understand the importance of pulling in that mana, that energy, from the heavens...”  ...(Cont.)...

When I look at the development in Wailua, when I see the greed, the carelessness, the irreverence for nature and other life forms, it saddens me, because humanity will suffer as a result,” said Kekua, her eyes brimming with tears. “I always pule for a shift in consciousness, that people will be reconnected somehow. We need to be fully conscious of the decisions that we make, because the power of this land will hold us accountable.”