Friday, October 21, 2011

Dogwood Local Council Members Interviewed on Local TV

In late September, two Dogwood Local Council members were interviewed for a local interfaith broadcasting station.   The current first officer, Hawk, and Grove of Phoenix Rising initiate, Cliodhna, sat down with local broadcaster, Audrey Galex, for a personal look at Wicca and Paganism today. 

Audrey's program, AIB Metro, is a 30 minute news program that highlights a variety of local Atlanta happenings.   The show airs on AIB TV which can be seen both on local cable stations and over the internet. 

To view the program:

AIB TV is broadcast over the internet via live-streaming on  Click on WATCH NOW (from the top menu) and, then, selecting AIBTV.NET from the drop down menu.   Or go directly to

For all local viewers, you can also see the program on the following stations:   
  • ch. 5 on Comcast 
  • ch 22 on charter cable  
  • ch 6 on AT&T Uverse
Remember, the internet link above takes you to a live stream which shows just like it would on the TV. You have to watch the program at the time it airs via that link above. The times are as follows (EST): 
  • 10a Tuesdays 
  • 6:30p Thursdays
  • 12pm on Fridays 
  • 7:30p Saturdays

The show will be shown through live-streaming until after the 1st of November.  At that point, the program may move into the on-demand format where we can watch it whenever we want.  Until that point, you must tune-in at the designated times.

The next airing is tomorrow at 7:30pm est. The next weekday airing will be Tuesday at 10am and so forth.



Lady Miraselena

PIO, Dogwood Local Council