Friday, November 4, 2011

The Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasting Segment that has been airing regularly on AIBTV.COM, is now available ON DEMAND at

Go to the page.  Scan down the list of shows and click on the one called AIBMetro: October 2011.  The 3-4 minute segment runs about halfway through the 30 min. program. It stars National First Officer, Ginger Wages and, DLC member and initiate, Jesslyn Kelly.   

You can also hear the radio interview with Ginger and Lord Cheiron, Correspondence Officer at DLC, at Blog Talk Radio.  The show is called Open Hearts Open Minds.  It aired live on Oct 31st and is hosted by a local Atlanta Interfaith broadcaster, Scott Lindquist and his wife, Rev. Sydney Lindquist.    The show can be found in the ON DEMAND list at the bottom of his radio show page.  (click on the link above)