Friday, August 24, 2012

Official Statement on Massachusetts' Case


Official Statement from The Covenant of the Goddess

Date of release: August 24, 2012

Massachusetts —Charles Jaynes, convicted murderer and pedophile, has filed a request with the state of Massachusetts for a name change due to, what he described to be, a requirement for converting to Wicca.

“The Covenant of the Goddess is a public not-for-profit 501c3 organization, representing Witches for 37 years, in no way views the actions of Charles Jaynes, as being in any way related to the religion that we recognize as Wicca. Nor do we, as a religion, have any tenet that mandates a legal change of name for any reason.”

“Though it is a common Wiccan practice to take a second name in accordance with spiritual beliefs, it would be considered very unusual to do so legally; as these names are very personal to the individual and unlikely to be shared outside of a select few.”

“Furthermore, the original article misrepresents our religion, calling it "underground.” For more information on Wicca as a religion, we recommend the following sources, Covenant of the Goddess, Circle Sanctuary, The Wild Hunt, and The Witches' Voice.”

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  1. I'm use to hearing that most prisoners seem to find Jesus when they're in the pen, which is usually right before they go up in front of the parole board. They generally lose him again, real quick , if their parole is denied. Now, to hear of this one trying to get a name change using Wicca? REALLY?