Saturday, October 27, 2012

Califia LC's "Witches Night Out"

Hello Everyone,

Calafia’s annual Witches Night Out was held on October 13, 2012, at the La Mesa Women’s Center. Our Second Officer was instrumental in finding ways to lower costs for this event. My motto lately has been “We do our best when we can, with what we can. We are volunteers.” And the other is “Onwards”.

The rite was based on The Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy finds friends along the deosil path leading the the Goddess and God. When they finally find The Divine, they are reminded that the traits searched for were within each character already. The Scarecrow was intelligent. The DandyLion was courageous to travel with strangers. The Tin Man also known as the Business Axe Man, was given a heart, but cautioned that hearts are imperfect and can be broken. Included were fun little ditties sung during the rite by nervous people, who did an excellent job. The guitarist and his wife tried to teach us the tricks for singing and carrying a note. The writers and performers had fun while rehearsing and sharing the performance with the community.

There were refreshments, dancing to music provided by a Music Box, and a decorated hat contest.

So many wonderful items were donated by the stores and individuals that the winners could really enjoy and use.

We suggested and spoke about ways to donate either time or funds to the Black Hat Society, Spiral Scouts and the Pentacle Quest and even to The Covenant of the Goddess.

We, of Calafia LC, were proud to award The Order of the Pentacle to two people in Calafia by acknowledging their service in the military and to protect our country. Using the words of Jamie Chambers (that were in the application for the medallion for the order of the Pentacle), we were able to bless them both.

Witches Night Out is the place where we meet old friends and make new ones each year. And each year it is such a pleasure.

So, now, I say…


to the next event for Calafia Local Council, which is Beltane in the Park 2013.


First Officer

Calafia Local Council