Thursday, May 9, 2013

Covenant of Goddess in the News

In the past two weeks, the Covenant of the Goddess was cited in both Circle Magazine and Witches and Pagans Magazine.  Both magazines refer to CoG's involvement with February's Fox News Saga.

Circle Magazine contains a long article outlining the entire Fox situation from beginning to end.  It highlights the unique ways in which the Pagan Community, as a whole, responded to the negative publicity.

In Witches and Pagans Magazine, Anne Newkirk Niven wrote an editorial that commented on the Pagan community's overall reaction to Fox News. In it she writes:
The decision by the University of Missouri to include Wiccan holidays in their inter-faith campus calendar is a concrete example of the increasingly respectful treatment that Pagan faiths are receiving these days, the fruit of decades of anti-defamation work by groups like the Lady Liberty League.  But in spite of this genuinely excellent news, there was hardly a mention of this angle of the story in the coverage by Pagan pundits.  With the notable exception of the Covenant of the Goddess - which made a thank-you to the University part of their press release - the buzz consisted almost entirely of righteous indignation. - Editorial by Anne Newkirk Niven, Witches and Pagans Magazine 2013
Anne is referring to the publicity given to CoG's sincere and formal letter that was sent directly to Mizzou's Diversity director and Dean.

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