Monday, June 28, 2010

Ancient Peruvian Sun festival

 In Cuzco, Peru thousands celebrate the Festival of the Sun or Inti Raymi around the solstice.  We get a view of this celebration from Ron Verzuh of the Vancouver Sun  

"...The Inca Empire thrived for about 100 years through the mid-1400s and abruptly ended in 1532 when the Spanish conquistadors rode into Cusco on horseback and began destroying what the Inca people had built. In 1572, the Spanish banned Inti Raymi as a pagan ritual that challenged Catholicism.

The crowd that had gathered -- as many as 100,000 onlookers -- awaited the emperor. Cheering erupted as he arrived on the shoulders of his guards. As he raised his arms, the sun seemed to blink at him, indicating that it was still up there somewhere despite the heavy cloud cover. Then, miraculously, it began to shine. The crowd oooed and ahhed." ...(Cont.)...

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