Friday, June 25, 2010

English priest goes to Witch Camp

Mark Townsend - an Anglican priest went to a Witch Camp over the summer solstice in Pendle, England, and reports on his his experience among pagans in his article for the Guardian - A priest at Pendle Witch Camp  
Mark Townsend

"...During the time I served as a vicar, I naturally began to use my own magical illusions as a tool to evoke wonder and awe – and to try to get people to think twice. I did this because many Christian folk seem to me to be living largely disenchanted lives. Perhaps it's all the dogma, the rather stale services, and the general heaviness of establishment religion that closes so many people to mystery and wonder. Pagans, on the other hand, are radically alert to the magic of life, the planet and everything around them. They use symbol and ritual in such a way that connects powerfully with the human soul and makes sense not just to the mind, but to the heart and imagination, also."  ...(Cont.)...
Pendle Witch Camp