Sunday, December 1, 2013

Yuletide with Covenant of the Goddess & Winter Poetry

Yuletide is here once again.  

Come celebrate with us!  For the next 20 days, we will be sharing the recipes, songs, crafts and other Yule treats from the festive halls and homes of  CoG  members.  For additional ideas and inspiration, look at last year's posts.  

We'll kick this year's celebration with a poem

Winter in Wisconsin

by Mari Powers (2010)
National Solitary

Wheel of evergreen, and lanterns aglow,
The Holly King walks among us,
as the wheel of the year turns to Yule.

Windy Oya blows cold from the North.
And from Her tundra,
comes the still silent snow.

The fairy folk gather on sparkling mounds of white
from Old Ashipin to Aztalan.

As the sun sinks lower every night,
it lights a rose and amber glow in the West.
The great hunt is done.
The Sidhe move to their winter mounds.
The corn king lies smoldering 
and the blue hag of winter
begins her long reign.

The sun retreats early.
The rose and amber glow in the west hurries 
to step aside for the moon.

In the early predawn on this winter’s solstice 
the full moon makes spider webs in the snow.
On this darkest night, the pine trees are spindles.

Deep in the woods, in a still grove of oak,
Cerrnunos raises the call across the frozen forest.
The fairy come out of the sparkling mounds of white
and gather to celebrate.

The north wind 
carries His voice over meadows of snow.
The fairy folk rise to the call.
They have no care for the cold that keeps us inside.
Dressed in their holiday best,
snowflakes glitter in their hair.

They are shimmering ghost lights in a circle.
The fairy queen spins the return of light
in the dark of winter beginning.

In the morning, we find circles of green mistletoe 
and red holly in their wake.